Where Is Little Pudding?

Little Pudding is based in Cammeray on Sydney’s north shore.

Do You Deliver?

We deliver to cafes and venues in Sydney’s CBD and lower north shore.

Where Can I Find Your Prices?

Please email us with an enquiry to receive an exact quote at larissa@littlepudding.com.au.

Can I Sample a Flavour Combination for a Specialty Cake?

Yes, we can provide you with a sample box for $40, which is credited to your order if you go ahead.

How Can I Best Transport My Specialty Cake?

We will box your large cake with the lid partially open to accommodate the height. Cakes are best transported on the flat floor of the front passenger side of your car. Drive like a nanna.

How Shall I Store My Specialty Cake?

For large buttercream cakes, store in the refrigerator but remove at least one hour prior to serving, to allow time to soften. For fondant cakes, store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

What is the Best Way to Slice a Specialty Cake?

To slice a large, high cake, the tidiest way is to slice from the side and cut slices into rectangles, rather than cutting from the centre in traditional cake triangles. This is also a good way to showcase the layers in multicoloured or ombre cakes.

Something We haven’t Thought Of?

Email us for a chat at larissa@littlepudding.com.au.